About Us

Sandesh Deepak Bhadange

Reiki Practitioner, Pranik Healer

Why Us?

Since last five years, I have been treated many chronic and acute disease, through Reiki treatment by distance healing. There are many patients, to whom I have not seen them, but they got very good and unexpected results, not only from India but also from abroad. The speciality of my Reiki treatment, Neither need to touch the body nor see or meet the person personally, Also no need to take any medicines. Anyone can take my Reiki treatment from any part of the world just sitting at home. I can give quick relief from any kind of unbearable pain, fever, itching, burning sensation, cramp, strain and also all kind of infections, patient get quick relief only within 10 to 15 minutes. Within seven days of short reiki treatment, any kind of swelling gets disappeared such as swelling of osteoarthritis and also the acute infection of kidney or any other organs. In psoriasis itching and burning sensation would get disappeared within 15 minutes. Even in any kind of wound, the patient gets quick results within 6 days only. I can stop bleeding in piles within 1 to 2 days and itching, burning of piles within 15 minutes. We also give relief from unbearable pain of kidney stone, arthritis, osteoarthritis, respiratory infection, allergy, acidity, migraine, muscular pain, skin diseases, broken bones, all joint pain,  asthma, bronchitis, and many chronic diseases. I can stop crying child within 10 to 15 minutes. and acute infections. The results of Reiki depend upon patient age, weight, and height. 

Mental disorder –worries, uneasiness, fear, insomnia, stress depression, 

Addiction – We can heal all kind of addiction within a short period of Reiki treatment of 5 days, addicted persos failed to take alcohol, cigarette, tobacco etc. generally the addicted person always remain to disturbed and aggressive, but after receiving the Reiki treatment addicted person get cool and calm. This is the right time for the healer and family members to allow the addicted person to attend the different spiritual seminar, meditation or counselling and also to find out what is the true reason behind his addiction.  

Causes of diseases – Every human body has seven invisible Chakras. When these Chakras get imbalance, the patient gets affected by different diseases. With the help of Reiki, we balance those Chakras and the patient realized the big difference in their symptoms of the disease.

Reiki is a technique to allow these chakras to rotate on their natural places. Reiki involves deep meditation, imagination and visualization. We do not ask the patient to do any physical exercise, yoga, meditation or imagination.


Distance Healing 

How to treat a person without medicine, without body touch, without meeting or without looking patient, patient personally. 

Reiki is a universal energy which has its own consciousness, as soon as reiki practitioner meditate his subconscious mind on a patient’s affected chakras, these universal energy starts flowing towards the patient and that chakras get balance. Physical organ gets activate and the patient realised the difference in his symptoms. Reiki energy can be passed from one place to another through meditation. The patient can receive Reiki energy by sleeping or sitting.  Please note that Reiki has no side effects.


Free treatment to everyone

Compared to other countries Reiki treatment is less known in India, but nowadays with the help of the internet, Indians get much more information about Reiki treatment. 

Reiki treatment is totally different than other types of treatments, so it difficult for people to trust such therapy. So for the first time, we give free treatment to everyone so they can get aware of Reiki treatment and its benefit. 

Every human being has strong and tremendous power inside, but they are completely unaware of it. Our intention is to make an introduction of that unlimited and infinite source of energy within you. To take that out only required a little positive approach to reiki therapy.

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