Our Services

Distance Reiki Healing

Our Distance Reiki treatment there is No medicine or No physical Touch. Neither need to meet or look patient personally. Any one can take ‘distance healing’ from any part of the world by simply giving photo and symptoms of diseases. Just by sitting at home or garden, in travelling or anywhere through phone, mobile or internet.

Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot Reading is an ancient Egyptian  Therapy, through which accurate prediction of present, past and future can be done, through Tarot Reading, one can able to understand about marriage, divorce, carrier, education, financial status, nature of any person, etc.
Photo is required for Tarot Reading


Astrology  is the scientific study of sun,moon, and stars. Astrology is a pseudo -science interpreting the supposed effects of the heavenly bodies on human existence. many accurate prediction can be possible through astrology specially helpful in marriage. 

Crystal Healing

The crystal healing is a very powerful and effective healing technique, through it all physical – mental- financial problems can be solve, It is very powerful therapy – for to increase business, to get job. to make an aggressive person cool and calm, we generally use citrine, Amazonite, and Rouse quartz  to improve business, finance and to get job.