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History of Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of healing. Which reinvented by Mikao Usai

What is Reiki?

REIKI is an japenese Therapy. Reiki is totally cosmic, universal, positive,spiritual
(Not related to any religion)
Divine energy. through it all physical - mental - chronic diseases can be cure

Distance Reiki Healing?

In Distance Reiki treatment there is No medicine or No physical Touch. Neither need to meet or look patient personally. Any one can take 'distance healing' from any part of the world by simply giving photo and symptoms of diseases. Just by sitting at home or garden, in travelling or anywhere through phone, mobile or internet.

Benefits of Reiki?

Benefited in Physical Health
Benefited in Mental Health
Benefited in Relationship and Family Dispute
Benefited in Improve Financial Conditions
and many other problems

Reiki For Physical Health

Reiki can heal any of your Physical Problems like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Piles, Psoriasis etc. 

Physical Health

Reiki For Mental Health

Reiki not only help in Physical Problems but also cure mental health like stress, negative thoughts, addiction and many others

Reiki For Relationships

Reiki is very effective in relationship of husband-wife, lovers as well also works to main good relations with other family members, business partners, teachers, friends


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